Emma Wiggle Birthday Backdrop

Printable Emma Wiggle Party Backdrop

It’s my daughter’s second birthday this week and she has barely taken off her Emma Wiggle Costume since she opened it. It’s absolutely adorable. I’ve made this Printable Emma Wiggle Party Backdrop for a small family party with are having this weekend. I am posting it here so you can use it at your event […] Read more…

Wiggles Party Birthday Banner

Free Printable Wiggles Birthday Party Backdrop

This week I am putting together some DIY Wiggles party ideas for anyone planning a wiggly celebration. Having three small kids in Australia, I’ve been to many Wiggle’s parties. Anthony, Simon, Emma, Lachy and Captain Feather Sword have been staples in our house for the last 4 years. Sometimes I find that I am tapping […] Read more…