Printable Coloring Pages

Printable Coloring Pages for kids.

Beyblade coloring Pages

Beyblade Coloring Pages

Following up from our Beyblade themed posts from last week, I have another Beyblade freebie to share with you today. Today I am posting some Beyblade coloring pages.  These coloring sheets do not have a detailed Beyblade design in the center, so they are perfect for letting kids use their imagination to design their very […] Read more…

Candy Coloring Pages Featured Photo

Candy Coloring Pages

Today’s candy coloring pages may look familiar to our regular reads, as they are the same candy images that were used in the candy clip art set last this week. This set of sweets coloring sheets is sure to delight any child. It’s like the fun of candy without the major sugar highs and lows! […] Read more…

Easter Coloring Sheets

Easter Coloring Sheets

Eggs are lining all the stores and that means the kids are already asking for the Easter bunny. To be honest, I do find it a bit of a torture test for parents that they put out the eggs from early January.  It turns every shopping trip into a battle as I explain to the kids […] Read more…

Spring Coloring Pages

Spring Coloring Pages

It is still blazing hot summer here in Sydney, Australia, but I am posting these Spring Coloring pages today for my nieces and nephews back in North America. It has been a pretty cold winter in Canada, so I am sure they are all looking forward to it warming up and getting the chance to […] Read more…