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Easter Exploding Box Craft

Easter Exploding Box Craft

Our exploding box crafts are some of our most popular, so today I am posting some  Easter exploding box craft templates. As with our recent St. Patrick’s Day Exploding Boxes, I have created color and black and white templates.

The black and white templates are a great way to get younger kids involved in your Easter crafting. Get the younger kids to color in the template and then you can help them with the cutting and box assembly. My two-year-old absolutely adores playing with these boxes.

Easter Exploding Box Craft Templates Available

Easter Exploding Boxes finished

For this craft, I am gone a bit over the top on templates. I create 30 different templates for you to mix and match.  All of the templates are the same size so you can use the color-in bottom with a full-color lid, or use a color-in lid and fill the inside with photos on a color template. The options are endless!

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Easter Exploding Box Craft for Kids

Easter Exploding Box Craft for Kids

Yield: 1

Creates an exploding Easter gift box.


  • Printed Template
  • Glue


  • Ruler
  • Printer


    1. Download our Easter Explosion Box from our freebie library and print it out. The box works best when printed onto cardstock.
    2. Cut out the template. If you are using the coloring box.
    3. Fold the templates using a ruler.
    4. Assemble the lid by gluing the flaps together.
    5. Now it's time to fill your box with photos, drawings or a written message,
    6. Cover the body of the box with the lid and you're done! The box also has a place with a small gift inside too. These little boxes are the perfect way to wrap up a gift card.


The Easter Exploding box templates are available for download in the freebie library.

Easter Coloring Box

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