Unicorn Bunting

Nothing says party to me like bunting! For this week’s printable I’ve created a free unicorn bunting template. The file includes letter, numbers, spacers and unicorns! This bunting would make a great birthday party decorations.

You can download the file and then print on your home computer. The template will work with plain paper, but really looks fantastic on card stock if you have any available. All you have to do is print the template, cut out the triangles, fold over the white flap at the top and tape down to the back of the bunting flag to create a pocket for your string. Then feed through your ribbon or twine and then hang. Simple as that!

Alternatively, you can also use a hole punch to press holes into the top two corners of the template and then just feed your string through the triangles to make your unicorn birthday party banner.

There are a lot of pages in the file, so remember to only print the ones you need!

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How to Download

Click on the link below and it will open the file in a new window. In the new window, right click and “Save As” to save the PDF to your computer.

Click here to download – Unicorn Rainbow Bunting


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8 Comments on Free Unicorn Bunting

  1. I think it is great that you are offering something free. Great for us who are planning parties. I have 4 siblings and they are married with children. This means there are a LOT of bi.rthdays in the family–and we get together frequently to celebrate them. Thanks for sharing this

  2. Hi Caroyln
    My daughter loves unicorns. I enjoy doing birthday decorations for the kids and the free decorations will certainly help. Thanks a lot!

  3. Wow! Nice. Looks like a ton of fun. So nice that it is free of charge too!

    I love the idea of mixing this in with a unicorn style or colored cake. Do you happen to have an article that would focus on how to pull together a unicorn colored cake?

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