Free Unicorn Party Printable

I am so very excited about this post! The amazing Jessica from the OhJaye Etsy store has provided an adorable “Make Your Own Unicorn” as this week’s free unicorn party printable This print is a perfect excuse to get crafty with the kids or it could make a great activity at a child’s birthday party. I hope you love it as much as I do! If you are not familiar with the OhJaye store, here are some details on Jessica’s amazing work.

OhJaye Etsy Store

Jess hails from South Wales, and after many years of drawing she set up her Etsy site the Autumn of 2017. In the OhJaye. shop you can find a range of colorful, quirky and unique gift wrap and cards. All of the wraps and cards are hand designed by Jess. When you are having a browse of OhJaye. be sure to check the beautiful unicorn gift wrap and matching card, which creates a matching set with our free printable. Perfect for a Unicorn Party! Jess also accepts custom orders, so if you want to get something extra special made, send her a note through the OhJaye store and she will get in touch about bring your ideas to life.

When pressed to pick a favorite item in her shop, Jess couldn’t go past the Ice Lolly Gift Wrap and I have to agree. It’s just so fun, colorful, and reminds you of eating ice lollies on a hot summer’s day.

OhJaye Design

I am so honored to have Jess working with me on this post. She has such a unique style and her quirky designs always put a smile on my face. I mean, where else are you going to find wrapping paper with adorable geese? Be sure to check out Jess on Instagram to stay in the loop with her latest designs or just follow her life as an illustrator.

Download this week’s free unicorn printable

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Click on the image below of the unicorn printable and it will open the file in a new window. In the new window, right click and “Save As” to save the JPEG  to your computer.

Make your own Unicorn Party Printable


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6 Comments on Free Unicorn Party Printable – From OhJaye.

  1. This is brilliant, i have a young granddaughter who by the way is obsessed with unicorns. I will certainly be make my own unicorn with her.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, these are all really cute ideas! I like the idea of coloring everything our selves. My son loves to make his own cards anyways, so doing everything else will be fun. Lots of wonderful ideas here. Thanks!

  3. Hi! I love these! As a retired display designer I can relate to creativity. I love anything that has to do with being creative and you sure have some great ideas! I would love to show kids how to create things like this. Thanks for sharing!

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