Hi! I’m Carolyn

 I am a project manager and the mum of three kids in Sydney Australia. Party with Unicorns was started as a hobby when I was on maternity leave with my youngest daughter. Had a known the website was going to live on past those first few months, I may have chosen a name that wasn’t directly related to the birthday party I was planning at the time.  Names aside, I am loving sharing my creations with you.

This website is basically made up of my kid’s favorite things at any given time. At the time of writing this our house is all about unicorns, fairies, princesses superheroes, Beyblades, transformers and  Ninja Turtles.  No doubt as the kid’s interest expands and changes, the content of this site with change with them.

I hope you find something on my site that your kids will enjoy. It’s a bit of a parenting diary that I will be able to come back to in years to come and remember all of the fun crafts and creations we made together.  I am rewriting this page after the first 9 months of the website and I am truly amazed about how much we have created in the last few months. 

Another thing I have loved about starting this blog is connecting with other parents, carers and teachers. Life is so busy these days and it’s great to know that the crafts I am creating with my kids are also being done by children from across the globe. I always share these updates with the kids and they love it. So please reach out and say hello, we truly enjoy hearing about what you and your little ones are up to.

If you are keen to collaborate on a joint project, please feel free to get in touch with me at carolyn[at]partywithunicorns[dot]com. Crafting is always better together!

Happy Crafting