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So today we are looking at cool gift ideas for ten-year-old boys. As I talk about in my other gift idea posts, I try to not to give the stock standard superhero or popular tv or movie character toys as I always find there is someone else that will tick that box for me!  As always all my gift idea posts links are included to help you find the items online and make your shopping as easy as possible. So, if your boy’s tenth year birthday is around the corner or you are an uncle hoping to surprise your nephew, then you’ve come to the right place for you as I have carefully selected ten of the very best options that you can explore. Enjoy!


10 year old boy gift ideas

If you’re a bit worried that your ten years old is having a little too much screen time and not using his thinking cap very often, then Fat Brain Toys are a great gift for you to consider.  These toys will get him thinking and kick his brain into high gear and as a bonus it’s pretty unique too!. The fat brain toys consist of games aimed at improving your kid’s skills through a variety of tricky and fun-filled challenges.

Fat Brain Toys encourage gross motor skills, coordination, critical thinking and also teaches the balance between risk and reward; a brilliant self-learning experience. These are all important areas of development for Ten-year-old boys.  There is a large selection available, with everything from building robots to complex puzzles. You can check the Fat Brain Toys shop on Amazon here Fat Brain Toys


cool ten year old boy gift ideas. Crayon Pad

This is another superb gift for a ten-year-old boy. If the boy you are buying for has interest in drawings and sketching, then you should check out the – The Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Blue, Coloring Board. This bright LED drawing tablet, equipped with all the necessary drawing instruments is a perfect drawing kit for ten-year-old boys. The pad has a bright LED  tablet that illuminates images to trace easier, it also has a paper-locking frame holds sheets in place to keep crisp tracing lines. This is a great gift for a budding artist that wants to keep practicing their drawing techniques. Check out the pad here.


A smartwatch is another superb way of impressing that ten-year-old. Technology is fast improving and your boy should not be left behind. A ten-year-old boy will most definitely be wowed with a smartwatch as a gift.  Some of the great features of this watch that your boy will love are  :

  • Two cameras allow kids to take video and selfies that can be customized and made into new watch faces
  • 55 digital and Analog clock faces helping kids learn to master telling time
  • Monster detector game  that creates an augmented reality gaming experience where your boy can capture monsters in the real world
  • A motion sensor which is used in active play challenges and a pedometer

You also need not worry about memory as this smartwatch has got enough memory to take in your kid’s pictures and videos.  This watch is sure to make any boy feel like a grown up. Check it out here.


Binoculars are great for bird watching, learning, hunting, theatres, boat rides, hiking, traveling enjoying the wilderness and are a must-have for any detective or super spy! Your ten-year-old boy can use his new binoculars to take creative play to the next level. They are an especially exciting gift if they can be used on a day out or for an upcoming family trip. If you sons is a sports fan they are great to take to a game so he can see the players in the stadium up close!


If your adorable is a sports lover, then help him become a free throw pro with this basketball kit. Instantly turn any doorway into a basketball court. The height of the hoop adjusts to accommodate different players and the ball returns rotate 180 degrees so that your child can practice taking shots from angles and court positions, If basketball is not his sport, you can check out the other kits available from Franklins as well. Note – if you are planning on getting this for someone and it will not be in your house, you may consider getting a softball for the kids to play with. Not everyone is comfortable with a basketball being thrown around their house!


Another neat active gift is a Hover ball. This cool glowing football will definitely get any ten-year-old boys attention The hover ball has a fan inside which generates airflow, the ball absorbs air from the top and exhausts it through the downside, which generates suspension and enables the ball to glide on any hard surface. The hover ball is suitable for indoor sports so it’s a great way to keep kids entertained on a rainy day or in winter. The edgeless cushion disc design helps to protect your furniture and walls from damage because the ball will bounce away when it crashes with objects.


An outdoor exploration kit is a  fabulous gift for a  ten-year-old boy. This gift will enable and encourage your boys to explore the world around them as it contains all the necessary equipment for an outdoor adventure. An exploration kit supports STEM Learning and encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature, which is a gift worth giving to every kid Exploration kits can contain a wide range of things like children’s Toy Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Whistle, Magnifying Glass and a Backpack. Buying this gift will definitely equip the kid for any outdoor adventure. Do make sure you check the recommended age of the kids as they are available from three years on, so make sure you pick one for the right age group. An exploration kit is a great addition to a backyard camping, no need to travel for fun!

I hope that this article has been helpful in giving you gift options that you can consider for ten-year-old boys. If none of these options is right for your guy, there is also that fail save lego option. In rule in our house is that there can never be too much lego!


  1. This post looks great! The Fat Brain Toy is incredible! I have a 17 year old, a 13 year old and a 9 year old that would love that! I also like the VTECH Smart Watch and of course the basketball set. Thinking back to when I was ten and chasing all those bricks across the driveway and yard… Great ideas!

  2. Hi Carolyn, awesome ideas here – thank you! My twins are 10 and we’re doing the rounds of birthday parties at the moment and honestly there’s been a lot of iTunes vouchers happening …. It seems we’ve all lost our creativity. I can highly recommend the Hover Ball – we have that and it’s a great safe way for the kids to play soccer inside without smashing things! We love Hover Ball!!
    I’ll check out your link to Fat Brain Toys. Thanks there’s some great ideas here.

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