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Hello! This is my library for all my free downloadable files, printables, and craft templates and more! As a thank you to my loyal readers, I update the freebie library every week! Currently, there are over a150 free sets of party printables, craft templates, coloring pages and clip art files available. It’s amazing and I hope you enjoy it!

As a reader, you have access to the library for the life of this blog! Files are provided for your personal use; please ask before you use them commercially and under no circumstances can you sell any of these files. Enjoy!

Navigating the Freebie Library

To help you find you what you need, this library is divided into several sections. On this first page, everything is organized alphabetically by the topic.

Tip: This page is also searchable using a keyboard shortcut: Just press Control + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac).

Download help

Please note that most mobile devices such as phones and ipads, do not allow for downloading through a link. Some products are sent using a compressed ZIP file.

Community Benefits

As a member of the Party with Unicorns Community, you can request content and product personalizations. Any requests currently open will be listed here.

  1. Content request – if you would like me to cover a specific topic or party theme, fill in this form and let me know. I use feedback from this form to create our party printables sets and craft theme
  2. Toy Story Backdrop – If you would like our Toy Story Backdrop personalized for your event then complete this form. Before submitting the request, be sure to check out the original post to see what’s included.

Alphabetical Freebie Listings

Astrology Party Freebies

Art Party Freebies

Autumn and Fall Freebies

Bakugan Freebies

Ballerina Freebies

Back To School Freebies

Bee-day / Be-Bee Freebies

Bee-Day Set one (Check out School Milestone Poster for details)

Bee-Day Set two (Check out School Milestone Poster for details)

Beyblade Freebies

Candy Freebies

Christmas Freebies

Circus Freebies

Construction Party Freebies

Dinosaur Freebies

Donut Freebies

Easter Freebies

Fairy Freebies

Farm Party Freebies

Father’s Day Freebies

Frozen Freebies

Graduation Freebies

Halloween Freebies

Harry Potter Freebies

Hanukkah Freebies

Jungle Party Freebies

Lego Freebies

Lemonade Freebies

Llama Freebies

Mermaid Freebies

Minecraft Freebies

Mother’s Day Freebies

My Little Pony Freebies

New Year’s Freebies

Nintendo Freebies

Pirate Freebies

Pokemon Freebies

Princess Freebies

Roblox Freebies

Roblox Party Banner and Roblox Party Printables (Check out Roblox Party Printables for details)

Robot Freebies

Spring Freebies

St Patrick’s Freebies

Star Wars Freebies

Super Mario Freebies

Summer Freebies

Space Freebies

Sunflower Freebies

Superhero Freebies

Tennis Party Freebies

Thanksgiving Freebies

The Wiggles Freebies

Tooth Fairy Freebies

Toy Story Freebies

Valentines Freebies

Wild One Freebies

Unicorn Freebies