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Superhero Printable Set



This week’s Friday Freebie is a perfect craft for kids. It is all about my son’s favorite things: superheroes, cars, and knocking things over! I am sure he is no different than millions of other boys out there, dreaming of being a superhero and fighting supervillains! Given that there is a new Marvel superhero movie released every 2 minutes these days, superheroes are everywhere! This DIY craft is all about bringing the fun of superheroes into something homemade. Something that the kids will love, but doesn’t cost a bomb, and may provide hours of homemade entertainment. 

Today’s free superhero printables are a bus filled with your little one’s favorite superheroes (and driven by Batman) and a set of buildings for your superhero bus to knockdown. This is a set that your little hero will surely love. If you’re not a crafter, worry not, all of the templates are included for free! All you need is a standard printer, some basic supplies, and a little bit of time.

This craft was created using the Superhero clip art set from Creative Fabrica. If you are interested in adding to your superhero city or are having a superhero party want to create some decor the set is available for purchase individually or as a part of their monthly subscription bundles. 

Kids can help in making this project but supervision of an adult is important especially when using sharp tools like a cutter.

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