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Tooth Fairy Certificate and Door Hanger


Here is the set of free printables including a tooth fairy certificate and tooth fairy door hanger. This set marches the tooth fairy box available on our website.



Tooth Fairy Template For Boys

The boys in my house are a bit more into superheroes and dinosaurs than they are into fairies. With this in mind, the set includes two designs especially for boys that do not want pictures of cute fairies and instead have a super awesome winged tooth. (These sets are also completely acceptable for girls, but I know my daughter is really into pink fairies, so the set was designed for her). In total there are three designs available so you can just pick and choose the best one for your child.

The Legend of the Tooth Fairy

As I started to plan this set, I realized that I don’t actually know that much about the history of the tooth fairy and why we tell our kids to put their teeth under their pillow and a magical fairy will actually put money under our pillows for a magical fair will come collect it and leave them money. It’s a pretty crazy concept when you think about it. The best resources I could find about the history of the tooth fairy was from the Reading through the post, there are some pretty wacky ideas. I sure am glad that mothers eating their children’s teeth is no longer a thing. I know I couldn’t do it!

When Do you Give a Tooth Fairy Certificate?

I know there are lots of different ideas about how and when to give the tooth fairy certificate. My plan is to leave it next to their bed when I collect the tooth overnight. I know it’s a bit boring, I would love to hear any ideas you have in the comments below.

How Much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Bring?

The 123Dentist post is a couple of years old but references a survey from Visa that says that the average child in the United States receives $3.70 per tooth. I cannot decide if I think this is more or less than I expected? I don’t want to leave a lot of money, but I want them to be able to treat a treat with the money and preferably not candy and not another small plastic toy that will only last 5 minutes before it breaks. I’d love to hear about how much money you leave for your children? Or do you go for something other than money? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your traditions.

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