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The Grinch Clip Art Letters

It’s starting to feel festive when the Grinch comes to town! I hope you enjoy these letters. The Grinch is one of my all time favorite Christmas stories.  Here is the info on today’s letter set

Font: Grinched

Download The Grinch Clip Art Letters 

As with all of the letter sets I share, all of the letters are  saved as PNG files with clear backgrounds. If you are unfamiliar with PNG files and need more detailed instructions on how you can use these letters, check out one of my previous superhero letter set posts, for instructions.  To download a page of letters, just double click on the image that you want to download and the full-sized file will open in a new window. Once open, right click “Save As” to save the files to a location on your computer. The benefit of a PNG file is that the background is transparent, and you can scale the size of the image without it becoming blurry.  If you have any questions about scaling the letters or PNG files, please send me a message or make a comment below.

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