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Unicorn Party Favors – 12 Unicorn Party Bags

Unicorn Party Bag

Whether you call it a treat bag, Goody bag or a party bag, there are so many choices when it comes to unicorn party bags. From complete DIY to pre-made, there is an option for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite unicorn favors.

Unicorn Favor Boxes

We recently featured this DIY Unicorn Favor Box. It’s free to download the box which makes adorable favor boxes or can be used as a fun party activity.

Unicorn Favor Box

DIY Unicorn Goodie Bags

This DIY tutorial from Tikkido walks you through creating a treat bag from an everyday white gift bag. The end result is beautiful but depending on the size of your party, there could be a considerable amount of work to do.

Unicorn Goodie Bag

Unicorn Party Favors – Printable Unicorn Gift Bags

For printable gift bags, can’t go past Etsy. There are just so many options available, and they are all gorgeous. The hardest part is picking one! I couldn’t so, here are my top two picks! This simple design from DellaEvents is adorable.

Unicorn Goodie Bag

Alternatively, I like this grey and brown option from CreativePartyStudio. Not all girls and boys are into rainbow unicorns, and it’s an excellent alternative to the standard girlie content you usually find.

Unicorn Treat bag

Unicorn Party Favors.- Treat Bags Stickers

Another option is to get an everyday bag and add a sticker to the front. As unicorns are so popular these days, you’ll have no problem finding stickers at a local shop. Alternatively, you can pick up some personalized labels on Esty. This cute example is from PartyOnStickers.

Unicorn Stickers

Unicorn Party Bags – Personalized Tags

If you want to get some cute themed thank you cards for your treat bags, here is a great printable option from ClicknPrintDesigns that would look great.

Unicorn Tags

Otherwise, you can find the free printable thank you tag shown below in the Unicorn section of this website.

Unicorn Tags

Unicorn Party Bags – Ready to go.

There are also heaps of great options available the don’t require any printing, cutting or gluing! There are a few thousands designs available on Amazon. Many come out for under $1.50 per bag.

Unicorn Party Bags

If you want something a little more homemade, but without the crafting then check out the annacreactions Etsy shop. She provides unicorn bags via the post already crafted and ready to go.

Unicorn Bag

Unicorn Party Bags – Tote Bags

I have to say, that if I can find them at the right price, I am a BIG fan of reusable bags. My daughters love little bags; they can hide all of their knickknacks and special treats. I know they are not always affordable, but at the moment there are heaps of affordable Tote bag options available. I also like that the bag itself is a party favor.

Unicorn Tote Bags

These larger drawstring bags are super economical and can also be found on Amazon. I like to think it is reusable; it will get reused. With that being said, I completely understand some parents, don’t want more stuff in their house!

Unicorn Drawstring Bag

For something a little more homemade, but ready to go, check out the CottonKeepsakesUK Etsy store.

Unicorn Toy Bags

Finally, if you have a little extra room in the budget, you can get Personalized Goodie bags from SewLittleMeTime Etsy Shop.

Unicorn Goodie Bag

There are just so many options. I’ll no doubt add to this list as my research continues. If you have another recommendation, please comment below and let me know.

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