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Unicorn Bedroom Ideas – 5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Space

Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Have you been seeing unicorns everywhere? If you’ve noticed the name of this website, you’d know, I have! They have been trending since 2017 and are still going strong. Unicorns create the perfect magical and whimsical space for your little one to enjoy. If you are looking for some Unicorn Bedroom ideas, here are 5 easy steps to help you get started on their fairytale bedroom.

1. Unicorn Bedroom Color Pallet

Pastels are the perfect unicorn color pallet. They are calming, inviting and add that touch of unicorn flair you are looking for. When used in a small room, the use of a muted pastel color can help to open up space and make it look bigger. Another benefit of pastel color pallet is when your little one is ready for a change, it can be easily adapted into another theme with minimal effort. Ideas to Try and FAB MOOD have some great color pallets if you are looking for some inspiration.

Pastel color pallet ideas
Courtesy of Ideas to Try


Pastel Color Pallet ideas
Courtesy of FAB MOOD

[right][/right]This amazing bedroom from rhapsodyandthread is a perfect example of pastels done to perfection.

Pastel Unicorn Bedroom

2. Unicorn Bedroom Focal Wall

There are many ways you can create a Unicorn Bedroom focal wall in your little one’s room. Typically, the focal wall will be where the headboard is placed. Add a stripe detail, wall decals or even a drastic headboard. For wall decals, there are some affor­dable options available on Amazon. I really like this simple Gold Unicorn decal pattern (image below) that you can apply across the feature wall.

Unicorn Wall Decals
Courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for something a bit bigger, Urban Walls have some great decals to make an amazing feature wall.

Polkadot Wall decals
Courtesy of Urban Walls

This Hanging Unicorn Plush from Chill & Slay would make a great feature wall.

Hanging Unicorn Plush Wall Decor
Courtesy of Chill & Slay

If you decide to use a headboard for your feature inspiration, then this bespoke Unicorn headboard from CraftedPineCo is a gorgeous option. If you have someone handy in your life, they might even be able to craft one up for you!

Custom Unicorn Headboard
Courtesy of CraftedPineCo

3. Unicorn Bedroom Ideas- Unicorn Bedroom Furniture

Now for the fun part! Selecting funky and unique furniture pieces to make a statement in the room. I love the fun desk chair Sami Says Ag used in her little girl’s room. Amazon have some great affordable options to get this look.

If you want to repurpose an existing dresser for your room – The LeilasLoft etsy store has some super cute Unicorn Themed knobs that could be added to your existing piece to give it that extra special unicorn magic.

Custom Unicorn Dresser Knobs
Courtesy of LeilasLoft

4. Unicorn Bedding Set

Selecting bedding is one of my favourite parts! Adding patterns and textures to the room gives the space another dimension. I will shamelessly put in here that the Party with Unicorns Etsy store has a great unicorn duvet option and throw pillows that you can customise. You can pair this duvet with fun pattern sheets from any bedding store!

Unicorn Duvet

Now that I am done with the self-promotion – I can also recommend that Pottery Barn has some cute Unicorn Duvet options as well. Depending on how dramatic your feature wall is, you may just decide to keep the bedding simple.

Pottery Barn Bedding
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

5. Unicorn Bedroom Decorations

Last but not least it’s time to select your Unicorn bedroom decorations, accessories and art! This will add the finishing touch to the room.There are so many options in this space its hard to pick my favourites!  Here are three great options:

Bunting – who says bunting is only for parties? This cute bunting would bring a touch of sweetness to any room.

Unicorn Party Bunting
Courtesy of OrangeWagon

If you are feeling crafty, you could give my DIY Unicorn shelf a try.

Unicorn Shelf

I hope this helped you get started on your little one’s fairytale bedroom!

Unicorn Bedroom

Have fun being creative and creating a unique room for your little one.

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Thursday 23rd of August 2018

I feel like I stepped into a world of magic and wonder. I absolutely love the way you pull everything together. I would stay in this room forever. I cannot wait to share this with my daughter.


Thursday 23rd of August 2018

Thanks Nicole! I hope your daughter finds something she likes.


Thursday 23rd of August 2018

You have a really beautiful website, I love all the pastel colours and photos. This is a great review with some lovely suggestions and references. It makes me wish I had a little girl (I have 2 boys lol). Very well done :)


Thursday 23rd of August 2018

Thanks Helen, it’s about to get a bit more boy added as I’m starting planning my sons next birthday. He is not so keen on the pastel unicorns.