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Unicorn Bedroom Ideas – DIY Unicorn Shelf

DIY Unicorn Shelf

So this was a 5-minute job. I bought this decal on aliexpress and a peg shelf from Kmart. I just peeled the sticker and applied to the back of the shelf before adding pegs and shelves. Then I just cut the decal to size. In total it cost $10, and my daughter loved it.

It worth noting – keep away from toddlers! My two-year loves this sticker and is constantly peeling it off. As you can see by the picture, it is starting to take its toll, but nothing a little glue can’t take care of.

Where to Shop

At the time of this post, the peg shelf is out of stock at Kmart.  Here is an option you could consider from Amazon

My shelf was not a perfect fit for size, but I just trimmed the decal to fit. As noted above, I bought my sticker from aliexpress, but I have also seen the same decal for sale on eBay.

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