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18 Wizardly Harry Potter Cake Ideas

Enter the magical land of Harry Potter with these Wizardly Harry Potter Cake Ideas and find the perfect birthday cake for your little Harry Potter fan.

Wizardly Harry Potter Cake Ideas

In this Wizardly Harry Potter Cake Ideas round-up we are bringing you the best selection of Harry Potter cake designs for kids. Soon you will be tapping into the world of wizards, witches and Hogwarts magic.

The Harry Potter cake designs are very creative and often decorated with elements like your favorite characters Harry, Hermione and Ron, Hedwig, spell books, a sorting hat, a golden snitch, a wand, Harry’s glasses and scarf and Hogwarts house’s flags.

There are many incredible designs to choose from and whether you’re having your cake custom-made or you’re baking your own, this round-up will help you choose the perfect design to celebrate your little Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Three-Tier Birthday Cake

Get inspired with this fantastic Harry Potter three-tier birthday cake. This immaculate design has potion books as the two top tiers and a sorting hat topper.

Harry Potter 10th Birthday Cake

Celebrate with this charming one-tier Harry Potter birthday cake finished with the cutest Harry and Hermione cake topper.

Gryffindor Uniform Cake

This beautifully decorated Gryffindor uniform cake is just adorable. Younger children will especially love this design.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Surprise your little one with this amazing birthday cake decorated with all your favorite Harry Potter characters Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hedwig.

Hogwarts House Topped with Spell Book Cake

This Hogwarts house cake topped with spell book tier is simply spectacular. The kids might have a hard time believing it’s a cake!

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

If you’d love a smaller cake with a simple design, this delightful Harry Potter birthday cake could be it.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake Tutorial

Learn how to make this Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake with this easy video tutorial by Ashlee Marie. This recipe uses a round cake, fondant, gold paint and edible wafer paper wings elements.

Magenta Harry Potter Cake

For little Harry Potter girl fans, this cake would be perfect. Covered in beautiful magenta-colored frosting and a Hedwig cake topper this cake is enchanting.

Hedwig Smash Cake

Follow this simple tutorial to make this cute Hedwig Smash Cake by The Bake More. This three-layer 5″ cake is decorated with piped buttercream feathers and fondant eyes, nose, claws and scarf.

Harry Potter Spell Book Birthday Cake

This adorable Harry Potter spell book birthday cake topped with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hedwig is one of the sweetest spell books designs out there.

Harry Potter 7th Birthday Cake

Decorated with a beautifully modelled golden snitch, wand, scarf and Harry’s glasses, this Harry Potter 7th birthday cake is perfect for a girl’s or a boy’s birthday.

Black, Indigo and Gold Harry Potter Cake

This magical black, indigo and gold colored Harry Potter cake with an immaculate golden snitch, wand and candle topper is perfect for a little wizard.

Hedwig and Harry Potter Themed Cake

You might love this more rustic Hedwig and Harry Potter themed cake. The flavors of this delicious cake are red velvet with cheese cream, strawberry ganache and berry confiture and orange curd.

Red and Gold Harry Potter Cake

This red and gold Harry Potter cake has another beautiful stylish design with all the Harry Potter magic.

Harry Potter Five-Tier Birthday Cake

If you’re after a real centerpiece then this Harry Potter five-tier birthday cake could be that. With five tiers of Harry Potter inspired fabulousness this cake is a winner.

Red Gryffindor and Dobby Harry Potter Cake

This red Gryffindor and Dobby Harry Potter cake has such a precious design that would be perfect for a little girl.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Wingardium Leviosa. Practice famous Harry Potter spells with this beautiful Harry Potter birthday cake.

Harry Potter Three-Tier Birthday Cake

And finally, this large three-tier Harry Potter birthday cake with a sorting hat topper decorated with all your favorite characters is perfect for your birthday party.

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