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45 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party for your little witch or wizard? Throw the most magical Harry Potter themed party with these Best Harry Potter Party Ideas.

Best Harry Potter Party Ideas

Have you started planning an amazing Harry Potter party for your little one and need a little help? With these Best Harry Potter Party Ideas you will create a world of wizards, witches and magic in no time.

Harry Potter parties are very popular amongst kids and grown-ups alike and there are many amazing props available to buy and DIY to help you to create that wizardly magic.

Some elements to consider when building your theme are a brick wall backdrop with a Platform 9¾ sign, Hogwarts house crests, a balloon arch, hanging Hogwarts letters, suitcase trunks, antique books, Harry’s glasses and scarf, Hedwig and a bird cage, candles and the all-important Nimbus broom.

Harry Potter printables are an easy and inexpensive way to add details to your theme and we have an amazing selection ready for you. Plus get inspired with the fun party food, party favors, activities and games to organize a Harry Potter party everyone remembers.

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Harry Potter Party Decorations

Harry Potter Sweet Table and Backdrop Decorations

Be inspired by these sensational Harry Potter party decorations with a wall backdrop, balloon arch and Harry Potter themed treats.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Props

This party set-up looks like it’s been taken straight from a Harry Potter movie set. Lots of inspiration to choose from here.

Harry Potter Backdrop and Costumes

The must-have brick wall backdrop with Platform 9¾ sign and witch and wizard costumes are a must for your Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Party Decorations

This neat immaculate Harry Potter party set-up with all the props like the Hogwarts house crests, candlesticks and suitcase trunks would be perfect for an older boy’s birthday party.

Harry Potter Party Props

This simple setting makes the perfect background to take some great photos. Platform 9¾ backdrop, balloons, hanging Hogwarts letters, a few brown paper wrapped boxes, candles and the Nimbus broom all create an enchanting scene.

Harry Potter Party Decorations

Perfect for a little girl is this sweet pink-themed party setting. The little witches and wizards will adore it.

Harry Potter Balloon Garland

Learn how to make this magical wizard balloon garland by Riles & Bash. It will transform any backdrop or dessert table and add that extra magic.

Easy DIY Letters from Hogwarts

Have fun crafting your very own Harry Potter Letters from Hogwarts with a little help from My Crafty Life. Hang them as part of your decorations or use them as a party invitation.

Gringotts’s Bank

Gringotts’s Bank full of chocolate coins is a great party prop. It could be used as a party favor or turned into a party game too.

Harry Potter Party Food

Harry Potter Party Food Ideas

We love these magical Harry Potter inspired food ideas. The labels and the names add so much wizardly magic.

Golden Snitches

These Golden Snitches made with Ferrero Rocher and simple paper wings are the perfect addition to your sweet table.

Edible Harry Potter Wands

Make these delicious Edible Harry Potter Wands with pretzel rods, chocolate melts, black gel icing, caramel apple wraps and gold dust. For this easy fun recipe visit Nerdy Mamma.

Wizard Hat Cupcakes

These Wizard Hat Cupcakes are so much fun. Make some for your party using chocolate cupcakes, vanilla frosting and chocolate-covered ice cream cones.

Nimbus 2000 Brooms

These yummy chocolate Nimbus 2000 broomsticks are made with peanut butter cups, stick pretzels and chocolate melts. Make this easy fun recipe by Ruffles and Rain Boots for your sweet menu.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

Making Harry Potter chocolate frogs at home couldn’t be easier. All you need is good quality chocolate and frog mould.

Olivander’s Chocolate Wands

Here’s another fun take on edible chocolate wands made with pretzels dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Harry Potter Butterbeer

With just four ingredients this Harry Potter Butterbeer by Fun Money Mom is the ultimate treat for little witches and wizards.

Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks

Here’s a fun savory treat for your party table. These Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks made with pretzel sticks, string cheese and chives will be popular with your little party guests.

Professor Sprout’s Vegetable Garden

Add Professor Sprout’s Vegetable Garden to your party food menu. Kids will love digging into some fresh veggies and a dip.

Harry Potter Monster Book Treat

These Harry Potter Monster Book Treats by Crafting in the Rain are so much fun. Make them ahead and store them in the freezer or turn them into a fun activity and let your party guests create their own.

Owl Cupcakes

Have a go at baking these adorable Owl Cupcakes by Bakerella. These cinnamon sugar cupcakes are decorated with plumes of buttercream and Oreo eyes.

Harry Potter Party Favors

Make Your Own Harry Potter Goodie Bag

You will love the Make Your Own Harry Potter Goodie Bag idea for your party favor. Head over to Fun Money Mom if you need a little help picking the goodies.

Adopt Hedwig Party Favor

Adopt Hedwig party favor is a very sweet idea that younger kids will adore.

Quidditch Treat Bags

Watch this fun video on how to make fun Quidditch Treat Bags and have your party favors sorted.

Broomstick Suckers Party Favor

Your Harry Potter party favors can be as simple as this Broomstick Suckers idea by The Keepers of the Cheerios.

Mandrake Party Favor

This Mandrake party favor doubles as a Herbology Class party activity. Your guests will have fun making theirs with some owl pots, mini succulents and potting soil. Remember to use a medicine dropper for watering.

Harry Potter Party Printables

Free Harry Potter Party Printables and Fonts

These free Harry Potter printables and fonts are an easy way to add that perfect touch of wizardry magic to your party.

Free Harry Potter Party Printables

Bring magic to your party with these amazing free Harry Potter Party Printables we created for you.

Harry Potter Treat Boxes

These free printable Harry Potter treat boxes by Crafting Cheerfully are perfect for sweets and small gifts. Create six character boxes in the perfect party favor size with this easy tutorial.

Harry Potter Birthday Banner

Make your party even more fun with this Harry Potter Birthday Banner in Gryffindor colors by Fun Money Mom.

Free Printable Wizard School Letters

Decorate your party with this free printable wizard school acceptance letter by Nina Hendrick. Hang them on the walls or your mantle.

Harry Potter Party Invitations

Hogwarts School Invitation

Enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with this fun invitation template.

DIY Harry Potter Invitation

Customize and print this magical Harry Potter invitation and ask Hedwig to deliver it to all your guests.

Hogwarts School Invitation

Get the magic started with this Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry invitation.

Free Printable Harry Potter Invitation

This free printable Harry Potter invitation template will have everyone excited for your party.

Harry Potter Party Activities

Harry Potter Horcrux Hunt Party Activity

Head over to Amy Latta Creations and see how easy it is to put together this fun Harry Potter Horcrux Hunt party activity. It comes with a free printable too.

Wingardium Leviosa Science Experiment

Have your party guests tackle the infamous spell Wingardium Leviosa with this fun charms class. For instructions head over to Steam Powered Family blog.

Divination Class Trick

Magically transform any clear liquid into a colored one to tell each child’s fortune in this fun party activity. Visit Tikkido for this simple tutorial.

How to Make Wizard Wands

All the Harry Potter fans will have so much fun crafting their very own wizard wands. If you need a little help setting everything up visit Fun Money Mom.

Harry Potter Party Games

Hagrid’s Ball Toss Game

Create this easy Hagrid’s Ball Toss Game for your Harry Potter themed party. Younger kids will have as much fun playing this one as the older ones.

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

This amazing collection of projects by More Than Thursdays will help you create the ultimate Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt for your party.

Pin the Scar on Harry Potter Game

This classic party game with a Harry Potter twist is so easy to set up and always a popular one with little kids.

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