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18 Magical Fairy Party Cake Ideas

Make your little one’s dreams come true with the most beautiful fairy birthday cake with the help of these Magical Fairy Cake Ideas.

Magical Fairy Cake Ideas

Are you planning a fairy birthday party and looking for a birthday cake with that fairy magic? Be inspired by these Magical Fairy Cake Ideas and find the perfect cake for your little fairy. Fairies’ magic is well known and to translate it into a cake you might need a little help and a little pixie dust.

If you’re planning to have your cake custom-made choose from beautiful cake designs with fairy houses decorated with gumpaste flowers, toadstools and fairies. And if you’re baking your own or would love something simpler you can bake a simple frosted cake and decorate it with fairy-inspired cake toppers, macaroons, meringues, lollies, fresh fruit and fresh edible flowers. Get enchanted below.

We Do Believe in Fairies Cake

Everyone will believe in fairies after a slice of this cake. This cake has fairy magic everywhere you look.

Fairy House Cake

Who wouldn’t want to live in this fairy house? This peach, pink and green pastel-colored fairy house cake with custom cake topper is simply stunning.

Fairy and Spotty Toadstool Birthday Cake

This adorable fairy and spotty toadstool birthday cake with delicate decorations is perfect for younger children.

Fairy Garden Cake

Little girls will adore this fairy garden cake. This two-tier birthday cake comes with beautifully modelled flowers, fairies, toadstools, unicorn and a fairy house.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Cake

Let yourself be enchanted with this stunning enchanted fairy garden cake. This spectacular four-tier birthday cake will spark your party with all the fairy magic.

Fairy House Cake

It’s hard to believe this beautiful fairy house is a cake. This immaculately modelled birthday cake is perfect for a little fairy-loving girl.

Tinker Bell Cake

If your little girl loves Tinker Bell, why not have a beautiful custom-made cake inspired by everyone’s favourite fairy?

Tinker Bell Fantasy Garden Cake

Here is another beautiful Tinker Bell inspired cake design with two tiers of fantasy garden decorations and a Tinker Bell topper.

Magical Fairy Birthday Cake

This adorable magical fairy birthday cake and mesmerizing cupcakes will make a stunning centerpiece for your fairy birthday party.

Toadstool Fairy House Birthday Cake

Pretty as a fairy is this toadstool fairy house birthday cake. Your little party guests will adore this one.

Enchanted Fairy Cake

This enchanted fairy cake is dressed to impress! With beautiful hand-painted decorations and gum paste flowers, toadstools and a fairy this cake is full of wonder.

Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

If you’re looking for something very stylish then this Tinker Bell birthday cake with Tinker Bell cookie topper, macaroons, meringues, lollies and fresh flowers is absolutely stunning.

Ombre Fairy Cake

This delicious-looking ombre fairy cake makes a wonderful inspiration if you’re planning to bake your own. Complete the look with a gold fairy topper and you have a magical fairy cake ready for your celebration.

DIY Fairy Cake

Bake this delicious fruit-topped birthday cake in the shape of fairy wings. To make this yummy recipe inspired by Disney’s The Pirate Fairy visit Tonya Staab blog.

Fairy Cake Recipe

Bring on the magic with this delightful fairy cake filled with fairy dust by A Subtle Revelry. It’s easier to create than you’d imagine.

Magical Fairy Cake

This magical fairy cake is another stylish artistic addition to our round-up. With yellow, pink and green pastel tones and unique decorations, this is a very pretty girly cake.

Enchanted Garden Fairy Cake

This small one-tier fairy cake with the cutest gum paste fairies, flowers, toadstools and rainbow will transform your party into a fairy tale.

Enchanted Fairy Cake

And finally, this stunning large three-tier enchanted fairy cake with a magical design will be absolutely perfect for a fairy garden party.

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