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18 Magical Enchanted Forest Party Cake Ideas

Let yourself be enchanted with our beautiful Enchanted Forest Cake Ideas round-up.

Enchanted Forest Cake Ideas

Has your nature-loving child asked you for an enchanted forest birthday party and you’re looking for the perfect cake to fit your theme? You came to the right place, in this Enchanted Forest Cake Ideas round-up you will find the inspiration you’re looking for.

This theme is filled with magic. Think fairies, pixies, cute forest animals, butterflies, flowers, tree stump cakes and fairy and elf forest houses. There are so many beautiful cakes and designs to choose from for your birthday party. Scroll down and let the magic begin.

Enchanted Forest Birthday Cake

This two-tier enchanted forest birthday cake is just adorable. Decorated with cute little animals and mushrooms this cake will warm everyone’s hearts.

Enchanted Fairy Forest Birthday Cake

Open to magic with this enchanted fairy forest 1st birthday cake. With two tiers of cuteness, it’s worthy of a fairy’s dream.

Enchanted Forest Tree House Cake

This stunning enchanted forest tree house cake is a pure gem. The beautifully modelled tree trunk house is surrounded by grass with flowers, butterflies, twigs and blossoms guaranteed to have everyone enchanted.

Enchanted Forest Birthday Cake

Make someone’s dreams come true with this magically enchanted forest birthday cake. Decorated with fairies, flowers and mushrooms little girls will adore this cake.

Enchanted Forest Tree Stump Cake

This adorable enchanted forest tree stump cake with forest animal decoration would be wonderful for toddlers and younger children.

Fairy Forest Birthday Cake

Vow your little party guests with this fairy forest birthday cake. This cutest cake is perfect for a little fairy and forest lover.

Little Elf and His Enchanted Forest House

We think this magical little elf and his enchanted forest house cake will be just the cake for nature-loving boys.

Enchanted Tree Cake

If your child loves trees then this enchanted tree cake could be a wonderful choice. This beautifully modelled 3D tree trunk cake with adorable woodland animals will make a lovely enchanted forest-themed cake.

Magic Forest Cake

This breathtaking magic forest cake is fit for a fairy. With two tiers with blossoms, butterflies and forest animals decoration this cake is truly stunning.

Enchanted Fairy House Cake

This enchanted fairy house cake in a pink and green color theme invites you right into a fairytale. Little girls will love the fondant fairy and fairy house with butterflies.

Forest Birthday Cake

Step into an enchanted forest with this artistic forest birthday cake. We’re sure it’s absolutely delicious too!

Forest Animals Birthday Cake

This forest animal’s birthday cake must be the cutest cake ever! We especially love the mushroom third tier.

How to Make a Tree Stump Cake

Learn how to make this magical buttercream tree stump house cake with cute little mushrooms in this short video tutorial.

Fairy House Birthday Cake

Featuring lush meadows, toadstools, flowers and fluttering fairies this Tinker Bell-inspired fairy house birthday cake is perfect for an enchanted forest birthday.

Squirrel Tree Stump Cake

Go nuts for this adorable squirrel tree stump cake. You know little kids will love this one!

Fairy Tree Stump Birthday Cake

If you’d love to bake your own enchanted forest birthday cake this homemade fairy tree stump cake could be easily re-created. You will need different piping nozzles, colored frosting and a fairy topper for a magical finish.

Tree Stump Fairy House Cake

This sweet tree stump fairy house cake is perfect for little girl’s birthdays.

Floral Fairy House Cake

Your party decoration could be inspired by this cake. This showstopping floral fairy house cake will make a beautiful centerpiece at your enchanted forest birthday party and you could easily build your party theme around that.

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