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17 Exciting Nerf Gun Party Cake Ideas

Looking for an epic Nerf gun-themed birthday cake? Explore the most Exciting Nerf Gun Cake Ideas right here.

Excited to throw the most exciting Nerf gun party for your Nerf-loving child and need the perfect birthday cake? You came to the right place.

Nerf Gun parties are popular and there are many great cake designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a showstopping three-tier custom Nerf cake or you’d love something more simple but still equally fun and delicious we’ve got the most Exciting Nerf Gun Cake Ideas ready for you.

Scroll down below and get ready for some Nerf cake fun.

Nerf Birthday Cake

Let’s start this round-up with this fabulous two-tier birthday cake. This bespoke fondant-covered Nerf birthday cake in traditional orange and blue Nerf colors will make the perfect feature at your party table.

Nerf Dart Wars Cake

You might love this one-tier Nerf cake with the most spectacular Nerf-themed cake topper. This cake is made to impress.

Two-Tier Nerf Birthday Cake

This two-tier fondant cake in a yellow-blue theme with a simpler design would be perfect for a younger child.

Nerf Birthday Cake

Boys will love this amazing bespoke-made Nerf birthday cake. Get ready for some epic Nerf gun battles with this one.

Nerf Gun Vest Cake

This Nerf gun vest cake is for serious Nerf gun fans. With immaculate Nerf-themed gumpaste decoration this cake is wonderful for older boys.

Nerf Target Cake

If you’d love a homemade cake then try making this easy Nerf target cake. Bake a plain chocolate sponge cake, ice it with some chocolate frosting and use Kit Kats and ribbon to create a border. Decorate the top with blue, orange and yellow M & M’s to create a target shape. And finally, use Nerf bullet with a wooden skewer on top of the cake.

Buttercream Nerf Cake

You can’t go wrong with a good old buttercream cake. This delicious layer cake decorated with orange buttercream, target and Nerf logo could easily be made at home.

Rectangle Nerf Gun Cake

This funky fun rectangle Nerf gun cake with edible bullets is a simple but very effective design. Perfectly shaped for easy slicing.

Two-Tier Nerf Birthday Cake

If you’d love something a little artier then this two-tier Nerf birthday cake is fabulous. The colors and the hand-painted touch make this cake stand out.

Nerf Candy Birthday Cake

This delicious Nerf birthday cake is topped with cookies, chocolate bark, candy, rice Krispy treats, cake pops and a cupcake. Isn’t it spectacular?

Nerf Gun Topper Birthday Cake

This Nerf cake design shows you how easily you could create a fantastic Nerf cake at home. Bake a simple sponge cake with orange and blue frosting and decorate it with a custom Nerf gun topper.

Three-Tier Nerf Gun Birthday Cake

Are you after a real showstopper? This three-tier Nerf gun birthday cake could be it. With stunning design and the classic blue, red and white color theme this cake will stand out at any party.

Navy Blue Nerf Birthday Cake

This immaculate navy blue Nerf birthday cake with a happy birthday target topper is a very cool clean design that older boys would love.

Nerf Birthday Cake

We think this Nerf birthday cake is just adorable with six patchwork-style number and a very sweet design.

Nerf Target Birthday Cake

You could easily DIY this stylish blue and white layer cake decorated with iced target cookie toppers.

One-Tier Nerf Birthday Cake

This Nerf birthday cake might be smaller but the large fun number and darts topper give it that wow factor.

Nerf Gun Birthday Cake

And finally, get inspired with this two-tier Nerf birthday cake with darts and target decoration on the second tier topped with a large number topper.

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