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40 Best Nerf Gun Party Ideas

Turn your Nerf gun-themed party into one epic adventure with our very Best Nerf Gun Party Ideas.

Nerf gun party ideas

Getting ready for an action-packed Nerf-themed birthday party and need little help to get started?

Explore our Best Nerf Gun Party Ideas and plan an epic party for your Nerf-loving child.

Nerf party is a great party theme not just for boys, girls will have as much fun. Get inspired with an amazing selection of Nerf party decorations to set the stage. Prepare a fun-filled day with the perfect Nerf-inspired food and games.

Get your guests excited with fun invitations and Nerf-themed favors. And if you’re looking for that showstopping Nerf-themed cake check out our Exciting Nerf Gun Cake Ideas round-up. Prepare for some epic Nerf fun and remember to get plenty of darts.

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Nerf Gun Party Decorations

Balloon Backdrop

Create an easy effective backdrop with classic Nerf orange and blue colored balloons and a simple custom target printout.

Darts Sweet Table

These super cool Nerf darts-style sweet tables make the perfect decoration and display for your Nerf birthday cake and Nerf-styled cupcakes.

Nerf Gun Backdrop

You couldn’t get mistaken that you’re at Nerf gun party with this amazing backdrop of Nerf guns and colorful balloon decorations. Get ready for some serious fun.

Nerf Party Table Setting

Nerf party is the perfect theme for an outdoor party and this party table setting in Nerf colors sets the right mood for Nerf fun adventure.

Nerf Party Sweet Table Setting

The fabulous camouflage backdrop and Nerf-themed party sweets create a fantastic set-up for Nerf fun party.

Nerf Party Sweet Table Setting

Check out this amazing Nerf-themed sweet table set-up. This sweet table will make everyone happy.

Nerf Gun Party Backdrop

This fantastic Nerf-themed decoration features a simple orange curtain backdrop with Nerf gun and a custom birthday banner. We also love the silver target buckets for sweets.

Armory Board

Get ready for some serious Nerf battle fun by setting up your very own Armory. That’s one way to get your guests excited.

Ammo Refill Station

Set up ammo refill stations all around your house or backyard. All you need is a basket and a simple printout.

Darts Lanyard

This Nerf party is getting very pro. Get ready for your guests with their own labelled dart lanyards.

Nerf Gun Party Food

Donuts Display

We absolutely love this creative Donuts display. So Nerf party!

Nerf Cake Pops

Who loves cake pops? These cool Nerf-themed cake pops will be gone in a flash.

Nerf Themed Doughnuts

We have some more doughnut inspiration because these delicious colorful Nerf-themed doughnuts are just so much fun.

Nerf Themed Cookies

Aren’t these Nerf-themed iced cookies just spectacular? They could easily be individually wrapped and used as party favors.

Edible Nerf Darts

Learn how to make these edible Nerf darts at Savor The Days blog. Use them on their own or as cupcakes or birthday cake toppers.

Nerf Cupcakes

Your dessert table will be on target with these Ice Cream Cone Nerf Cupcakes by Mommy’s Fabulous Finds. You know you want them.

Pretzel Darts

Make some delicious pretzel darts with some pretzels and melted colored chocolate. This easy party food is right on target.

Battle Chips

What a cool idea to transform tortilla chips into ‘battle chips’. Perfect for your party table.

Cheese Pellets

Transform your cheese puffs into ‘cheese pellets’ with this funky label.

Nerf Juice

Prepare plenty of Nerf juice, you know you will need it after all the Nerf Gun battles.

Nerf Gun Party Favors

Nerf Gun Party Favors

We love this simple Nerf party favor idea. Simply tie a few darts around the lolly and add a handwritten thank you note.

Water Balloons Party Favors

Send your guests home with this fun water balloon party favor. The fun never stops.

Nerf Themed Wristbands Party Favors

These Nerf-themed wristbands would make a very cool party favor. Use them on their own or pack them into a goodie bag.

Nerf Dart Wars Party Target Favor Goodie Bags

Get imaginative and create a custom goodie bag with your Nerf favorites.

Nerf Dart Party Favors

This is another fabulous simple idea for a party favor. A packet of darts with a ‘Mission Complete’ thank you note.

Nerf Gun Party Printables

Printable Dart VIP Pass

Download this cool printable Battle Zone VIP Pass to welcome your party guests.

Nerf Party Water Bottle Wraps

These great-looking camo-designed water bottle wraps will add the perfect touch to your Nerf party decorations.

Nerf Birthday Party Printables

Download these free Nerf party printables including Nerf-shaped hat, invitation template, cupcake toppers and water bottle labels.

Nerf Party Printable Target Set

Grab this free printable Nerf target set from Mama Cheaps. It includes an instruction sheet, targets and scorecards.

Nerf Gun Party Invitations

Cool Nerf Party Invitation Template

Choose one of six cool Nerf template designs in this free printable and your invitation will stand out among the crowd.

Nerf Party Invitation Templates

Invite all your friends to your Nerf birthday party with these printable editable Nerf invites.

Nerf Party Ticket Invitation Template

These printable invites with Nerf bullets and a blue camo background will get everyone in the mood for your Nerf party.

Nerf Gun Party Invitation Templates

Get ready for a battle with these free printable invitations. Simply download and print.

Nerf Gun Party Games

DIY Nerf Targets

These easy and fun DIY Nerf Targets are budget-friendly activity and if you’re having a backyard party these are perfect. Learn how to make them at The Savvy Mama Lifestyle.

Nerf Target DIY Pinata

How about making this easy Nerf Target DIY Pinata? For step-by-step instructions visit Posimagine and see how easy and fun it is.

DIY Target Practice Board

Give the kids a fun challenge with this DIY target practice board. Make your own with camouflage-painted board and cups for targets.

Nerf Gun Targets

Grab those Nerf blasters and have some fun with this simple target set-up.

DIY Spinning Nerf Targets

Impress your guests by building a Nerf target game with spinning targets. Learn how to make this simple fun game ready for your party at Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls.

DIY Nerf Target

If you’d love a Nerf target that is more substantial and would withstand a lot of use have a go at this DIY Nerf target built with wood. Follow the instructions at The Gingerbread House.

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