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Unicorn Party Favor Boxes

Unicorn Party Favor Boxes

Unicorn Party Favor Boxes

Today I am so happy to share this week’s Friday Freebie from Tara at LaPetiteReunion Etsy Shop Tara has created a DIY Unicorn Party Favor Boxes to share with us!  These boxes are great crafts for kids or you can pre-make this box for your guests. It comes in 2 versions, the colored one, and the black & white version that your guests can decorate on their own. Provide the girls with glitters, stickers, and buttons; time for some creativity!

If you have a laptop & printer at home make sure you check out LaPetiteReunion as an easy way to make your kids’ birthday party more festive. It is a super cute shop with all sorts of adorable DIY printables. Tara has created all entire shop full of cute unicorns, flamingoes, mermaids, hot air balloons for you to check out. She also has a number of party printables to match today’s mini favor boxes, including things like banners and fun games such as Unicorn BINGO and Unicorn Charades game.

Unciorn Party Supplies

If you are looking for something a little more outta the box, be sure to send Tara a message from via Etsy. She is happy to create custom printables to bring your creative idea to life. Whatever your party theme, she can supply the cuteness!

Unicorn Party Favor Boxes – Downloadable Files

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To download these printables, just click the links below. The files will open in a new window. Right click “Save As” to choose a location on your computer to save the files.

Unicorn Treat Box Black and White

Unicorn Treat Box Color

If the file does not open, check your browser to ensure you do not have a pop-up blocker on.


Unicorn Party Favor Boxes – Printables Instructions

You can follow the instructions below or download Unicorn Treat Box Instruction via this link.

Unicorn Favor Box

Cut the images along the straight grey line only (do not cut along the dotted line)






Unicorn Favor Box Unicorn Favor Box  Using cutter, make holes on the ‘cut a hole’ area (4 holes in total)

Unicorn Favor Box  Apply glue on the square shape below the tail section

Unicorn Favor Box Paste the square shape of the eye section on top the square shape of the tail section so that the eye section is opposite the tail section

Unicorn Favor Box Fold along the dotted lines on all 4 sides of the overlapped square shape

Unicorn Favor Box Unicorn Favor Box Fold the upper part of the eye & tail sections, along the dotted grey lines.

Insert the left wing into the crown

Unicorn Favor Box Insert the right wing into the crown

Unicorn Favor Box Fold the unicorn horn along the dotted grey lines and apply glue on the ‘apply glue here’ area

Unicorn Favor Box Paste the unicorn horn on the ‘paste right here’ area on the right wing section.

Unicorn Favor Box And that’s it!





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