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18 Magical Unicorn Party Cake Ideas

Find the cake of your little one’s dreams with these Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas and sparkle magic everywhere.

Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas

Are you planning the most magical unicorn birthday party and need an equally spectacular unicorn cake? By the time you scroll down through these Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas, you will know exactly what kind of cake you desire.

In this round-up, we have the perfect selection of custom-made fondant tiered cakes with beautifully sculpted unicorn decorations, frosted layer cakes and home-baked cakes. Whatever cake you have in mind there is a cake to fit your expectations and your budget. And most importantly make your child happy and bring in that unicorn magic.

Two-Tier Unicorn Birthday Cake

This magical two-tier unicorn birthday cake will be the talk of your party. With two delicious tiers and a stunning sculpted unicorn decoration, this cake has the wow factor.

Three-Tier Unicorn Birthday Cake

Get inspired with this pretty fondant three-tier unicorn birthday cake with rainbows, clouds and a beautifully modelled unicorn topper.

Pastel Yellow Unicorn Birthday Cake

This pastel yellow unicorn birthday cake is like happiness in a cake. With pretty pastel merengue and cookie toppers, rainbows and unicorn this cake will make everyone happy.

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake

Feel the unicorn magic with this rainbow unicorn birthday cake with blue frosting and pretty pink drip decoration, rainbow topper and cutest unicorn.

Pastel Unicorn Birthday Cake

This absolutely gorgeous pastel unicorn birthday cake with skillfully modelled unicorn hair and the golden horn will bring magic to any party.

Pastel Blue Unicorn Celebration Cake

This adorable pastel blue unicorn celebration cake with rainbow, icing drip and the cutest unicorn will make the little birthday girl very happy.

Pastel Unicorn Birthday Cake

Don’t you just adore this creative pastel unicorn birthday cake? This cake has the perfect design for younger children.

Two-Tier Unicorn Birthday Cake

Little girls will be in awe of this stunning two-tier unicorn birthday cake. The perfect cake to use as a centerpiece for your party.

Unicorn Fondant Cake

Are you looking for a vibrant happy rainbow unicorn cake? This colorful fondant cake could be it.

Unicorn Buttercream Cake

The piping on this unicorn buttercream cake is just stunning. This cake is stylish and just adorable.

Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake

If you’re a keen baker this sweet rainbow unicorn cake could be easily recreated at home.

Magical Unicorn Cake

Get inspired with this beautifully decorated magical unicorn cake. Fancy having a go and decorating your own?

Unicorn 1st Birthday Cake

This adorable pastel pink unicorn 1st birthday cake would be magical for a little girl’s first birthday party.

Unicorn Drip Birthday Cake

Create a colorful unicorn drip birthday cake at home. With colorful frosting and a beautiful unicorn cookie topper, this cake is so much fun.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Learn how to make this amazing DIY rainbow unicorn cake. It’s not as difficult as you think and you will have so much fun. Visit Marvelous Mommy to see how.

How to Decorate Unicorn Cake

This wonderful tutorial on how to decorate a unicorn cake will take all the stress away from creating your own magical unicorn cake. Get all the tips from Momdot.

Two-Tier Sparkling Unicorn Cake

Watch this video and learn how to create this two-tiered sparkling unicorn cake decorated with buttercream stars and rosettes and a pearlized gold sugar bottom layer.

Rainbow Unicorn and Mermaid Birthday Cake

And finally, get inspired with this pretty pink rainbow unicorn and mermaid birthday cake. It’s fun, bright and right on trend.

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