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70 Free Baby Shower Printables

70 Free Baby shower Printables

Planning a Baby Shower can be hard work and it can also be expensive! Between the invitations, the food, the games, and the gifts, it can all add up. This collection of free baby shower printables is just what you need to help you create an amazing event without the stress.

In this list, you will find printables for everything from baby shower invitations, invitation inserts, wishes for baby, decorations, games, thank-yous, and favors. We even have a printable planning checklist to help you keep track of all your planning.

These printables will enable you to create a beautiful looking event for the mom to be without breaking the bank.

70 Free Baby Shower Printables

A collection of over 70 free Baby Shower Printables Everything you need to help you plan and super fun shower to make the Mom feel extra special.

Baby Shower Printable Sets

These are sets of matching baby shower printables. Not every set is the same, but include things such as invitations, invitation inserts, party printables, baby shower game ideas, decorations and more. Check out each set for all the details.

Baby Shower Invitations

Every great event starts with a great invitation! Regardless of if you decide to distribute your invitations electronically or post them in the mail, these printable invitations are a great way to start your shower planning. Tip - keep an extra copy of the baby shower invitation for the mom to be, it is perfect to include in a baby book if she is putting on together.

Baby Shower Invitation Inserts

If you want to include a special note with instructions, check out these invitation inserts. Perhaps you want each of the guests to bring a book for the baby to help create a library or prepare a special wish for baby.

Baby Shower Decorations

These printable decorations are a simple way to add a festive feel to your baby shower.

Wishes for Baby 

Creating wishes for baby cards is always a lovely addition to any shower. While these little cards are so simple, they can mean the world to a new mum. A lovely message from a friend or family member expressing their shared joy about‘ the adventure ahead. These little cards also make great shower souvenirs for the guest of honor and great additions to a baby book.

Free Printable Baby Shower Activities and Games 

Baby Showers are always full of funny little activities and games. Many of the baby showers I have been to are full of people from across the mom-to-be's life, work, family, friends. Setting up activities and games are a great way to get guests talking and break the ice between strangers. These printables will give you more than enough materials to keep everyone entertained.

Baby Shower Bingo

Traditionally at Baby Showers, all of the presents get opened. Depending on how many guests are at the event, this can take a long time. Playing Baby Shower Bingo is a great way to keep the guests entertained while mom is unwrapping all the treasures. The idea behind Baby Shower Bingo is that each guest gets a bingo card and they fill in each square on the card with a gift they think mom will get. If the mom opens that gift, then the player gets to mark it off on their card, The first person to get 5 in a row wins!

Diaper Raffle Tickets

Another practical idea for mom is a hold a diaper raffle at the event. With a diaper raffle, everyone who brings a package of diapers gets an entry into a raffle for a prize. (Be sure to let people know about the raffle in the invitation, so they remember to bring the diapers!)

Baby Shower Photo Props Printable 

Printable Baby Shower Favors

It's always a lovely gesture to send home shower guests with a little favor. A small thank you for attending and being a part of the big day. These printable favors are a great way to keep costs down and cutest up!

Gift Giving Ideas

If you are looking for some clever gift-giving ideas or themes for your event, check out these handy planning tools.

Baby Shower Planners

Planning a baby shower is a lot of work. Use these free printables to track your planning and make sure you have not missed any details.

There you have it, an amazing list of free baby shower printables. I hope you’ve found something perfect for your event.

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