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Fairy Party Food Ideas

Fairy Party Food Pinterest Tile

We live in an era where birthday parties nearly always have a theme! Having worked in events for some years, I am always excited to put together a super creative party for my kids. While I love seeing all of the extravagant birthday party on Pinterest and Instagram, I can’t bring myself to spend $1000s of a kids party. For my kids, I know they would be completely content with a small, simple party as long as they get to share the day with friends and as long as there is a birthday cake. THERE MUST BE CAKE!  With that being said, there is always something fun and magical about adding in some themed elements to make the day extra special. Especially if they can be done without breaking the bank. With three kids, we have enough things breaking our bank daily!

For my daughter, it’s all about magic. Fairies, woodland creatures, unicorns favorite – these are a few of her favorite things! Ideally, she would also like everything to come in shades of pink and purple. While broadening her horizons to other colors of the rainbow is an ongoing project, I decided to collect a few fairy party food ideas for inspiration. The list consists of food ideas that are easy to prepare but looks good and perfect for the fairy party theme. Many of these ideas are so cute they can make cute fairy themed decorations too.  With these ideas below, you are sure to have an enchanted looking table full of delicious treats.

1. Fairy Cake

Mushroom Cupcakes

Photo from Razle Dazle Events

“Where do fairies live?”, “Under the toadstool.” Sounds familiar? Your kids might probably ask you that question already, and you have answered the same words as mine! To be honest, whenever I think of fairies I associate them with mushrooms and toadstools. Maybe that’s how a bunch of fairy movies influenced the way we think about fairies and where they live. So if you are planning to throw a Fairy Party, do not forget to make some of these Toadstool Cupcakes to add on the table!  I also think these cupcakes would make a perfect and simple fairy party cake.

2. Magical Fairy Punch

Magical Fairy Punch

Photo from CatchMyParty

One important thing to prepare in a party full of playful kids is a tasty drink that will sure hydrate them while playing. To stick with your Fairy themed party, why not make this Magical Fairy Punch? You can make this with your recipe of kiddie punch or make some pink lemonade and label it to add some “magical” touch.

3. Fruit Fairy Wands

Fruit Fairy Wands

Photo from The Garden Spot

Next on the list is a healthy snack for your fairy themed party – a fruit fairy wand! These fruit wants are super easy to make and your kids can even create this on their own. All you need is a star cookie cutter for the top part of the fruit fairy wand and insert some of your favorite berries in the skewer. Now you have an edible fairy wand for your fairy guests.

4. Enchanted Beans

Enchanted Beans

Photo from CatchMyParty

If you want to add some magical treats on the table for your guests, another cute idea is this “enchanted beans” in a jar. All you need to do is find a perfect jar to place your jelly beans and make sure to label it as something “enchanted” or “magical,” so kids will think you get those beans from the fairyland. You could also put these magical beans into letter envelopes and have a fairy treasure hunt around the garden.

5. Fairy Dust Popcorns

Fairy Dust Popcorns

Photo from Clumsy Crafter

Popcorns are so versatile when it comes to parties. You can serve it as treats to kids, and adults and they will always love it. Not to mention it is super easy to prepare and very affordable too! For your fairy themed party, make your popcorn stand out more by adding some “fairy dust” or in the human world called “sprinkles.” You can make this treat by following the recipe from Clumsy Crafter.

If you are looking for more magically fun popcorn ideas, we’ve got a whole list of Unicorn Popcorn recipes that you can check out.

6. Fairy Twigs

Fairy Twigs

Photo from CatchMyParty

If you are running out of time and still need to add some fairy food for your party, then you can get some ready-to-eat treats from the store and label it with something that resembles in your theme. Just like this pretzel sticks that looks perfect as fairy twigs for fairy parties! Isn’t it cute and saves you a lot of time?

7. Woodland Berries

Woodland Berries

Photo from Kara’s Party Ideas

Another simple but healthy snacks for your guests in your fairy party is this woodland berries placed in a decorative paper cup. Make sure your berries are fresh and sweet. Fairies love eating fresh fruits from the forest, and your fairy guests will enjoy these snacks too!

8. Sandwich Snails

Sandwich Snails

Photo from Itsy Belle

When you live in fairyland or woodland, there are a lot of creatures you will see. One of those creatures is snails! This sandwich snails idea is the perfect food to make when you throw a fairy party for your kid. Look how tasty and cute it is, and how simple it is to make. I will add this on my food list for my next fairy party to host.

9. Fairy Cookie Wands

Fairy Cookie Wands

Photo from CatchMyParty

If you love baking, you will love this baked fairy cookie wands idea for your fairy party. Choose bright colors for your cookies to make it pop and also add some ribbons for decorations. If you are like me who rarely baked, you can buy star-shaped cookies and decorate it your own with some pre-made icing. Attach some sticks at the back of the cookies to serve as wand handles by using melted chocolate or anything that will do the work. Who doesn’t love fairy wands that are edible and cute?

10. Fairy Pretzel Wands

Fairy Pretzel Wands

Photo from Beth’s Belles and Whistles

Another food idea you can make with pretzel sticks is this Fairy Pretzel Wand. Dip your pretzel sticks on melted chocolate and add some sprinkles on top! That’s how easy it is. You can place it on a wide dish or jar when serving on your fairy table.

11. Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

Photo from A Simple Pantry

Next on the list is this delightful treat you probably been seeing at kids’ parties since the 1980s — fairy bread! You only need soft, squishy white bread, butter, and sprinkles! Fairy bread is a classic kids party food in Australia; I’m not even sure if a kid’s party is classified as a party in Australia unless it has fairy bread. Years from now, the content on this list might change, but fairy bread will always remain!  Look at those colorful sprinkles; it is pretty much impossible for a child to resist.

12. Pixie Pillow

Pixie Pillow

Photo from Sweets Indeed

Another ready-to-eat fairy party food idea is this Pixie Pillow that is some tiny marshmallows. Go ahead and look for pink flower marshmallows from your local stores and place it in a jar to add on your fairy party food. Don’t forget to label it as Pixie Pillows so guests will not see it as regular marshmallows. It’s amazing what a cute little sign can do for people’s imagination.

13. Fairy Butterfly Cookie

Butterfly Cookie

Photo from Kara’s Party Ideas

Last on the list is this super cute butterfly cookie. Butterflies resemble fairies because of their wing. That is why this food idea will be a perfect addition to your fairy party. If you don’t bake, you can buy butterfly shaped cookies and decorate it with pre-made icing or get the kids to decorate them at the party. You can also decorate it by dripping them into melted white chocolate.

So that’s it! I hope you find my list of fairy party food ideas helpful in planning your next fairy birthday party or afternoon tea. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to throw a good party for your child. Creativity and a few good ideas are enough to make sure your party guests have a great time.

I enjoy collecting ideas from the internet and sharing it to you guys. I’m not a good baker or anything, so I appreciate party food ideas that are easy to prepare. I know there are moms out there who struggle the same way I do so this list is for you too!

If you have some themed party ideas in mind that you want to be featured next, you can leave a comment down below and let’s make a list out of it! Happy party planning!

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Wendy Correa

Thursday 28th of March 2019

I love this post! SO creative!


Friday 29th of March 2019

Thanks Wendy!


Thursday 28th of March 2019

How fun! I miss my kids being little and doing themed parties!

Emma W.

Friday 26th of March 2021

@Carolyn, This is nice to look at, I love the thought of woodland themed parties.


Friday 29th of March 2019

Thanks, Michelle. It does seem to go be all good too fast.