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DIY Unicorn Banner Craft – Free Template Included

Unicorn Banner

We are back with another DIY project, and this time it is a Unicorn Banner. If you have been following this blog for a while now, then you surely know that my daughter is obsessed with these magical creatures (hence the blog name). She has a birthday this month, so putting together a few homemade goodies for her big day. The first cab off the rank for the birthday surprises is this cute banner. I think it will be perfect on the front door with a few balloons to let parents know this is where the party is. I also think that is will be a really cute addition to her bedroom after the big day.

Unicorn Banner Instructions

Unicorn Banner

Yield: 1 Banner
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $10

DIY Unicorn Banner



  • Hot glue Gun, Scissors


  1. Download and print the pattern. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  2. Cut it out. Cut out unicorn Banner Template
  3. Trace the banner pattern onto your felt cloth base. Trace Patterns onto Felt Unicorn Banner Instructions
  4. Cut out felt banner backing Unicorn Banner Background
  5. Fold the upper part of the banner towards the back piece (size of the fold will depend on your dowel’s dimension) and hot glue the end of the cloth to secure. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  6. Make sure it has a pole pocket that will fit your dowel’s diameter. Banner Dowel Opening
  7. When you are done with the banner, trace the pattern for the Unicorn head and horn. I used a white felt for the head and yellow for the horn. You can experiment what felt colors to use if you like. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  8. Cut out horn and unicorn body from the felt cloth. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  9. Cut strips of pastel felt cloth for the Unicorn’s hair and a round shaped pink felt for the cheek blush accent. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  10. Glue the strips on the back part of the Unicorn’s head. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  11. To create the tassel, cut a piece of yarn that measure the exact length of the “V” shaped part of the banner to serve as the tassel base. Then cut some short strands of yarn. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  12. Get a short strand of yarn and tie it on the base string. Begin by curving the strand, then insert both ends to the top hole, and pull it downwards. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  13. Do this step until you cover the whole base string.Unicorn Banner Instructions
  14. Now glue the Unicorn’s head onto the banner. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  15. Glue the horn and the cheek blush onto the Unicorn’s head. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  16. Glue the tassel at the bottom part of the banner. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  17. Draw some details onto the Unicorn’s head using a black marker. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  18. Insert the dowel into the pole pocket. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  19. Tie a yarn on both ends of the dowel. Unicorn Banner Instructions
  20. And you are done! You can now hang your banner wherever you want. This DIY project will really add some cuteness to your room.

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Unicorn Banner Results

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DIY Unicorn Felt Banner

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