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How to Make an Among Us Party Piñata – with Printable Pattern

Following these step-by-step instructions and use our downloadable template to make an Among Us Pinata with your favorite crewmate or impostor.

We’ve been hearing from lots of readers about the amazing Among Us Parties they have been having. To help you take your Among Us parties to the next level, I have created an easy tutorial and template to show you how you can make an Among Us piñata using materials you probably have at home already.

To start with this project, make sure to gather the supplies needed:

Among Us Piñata Step 19 image

Among Us Piñata

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Do-it-yourself Among Us Piñata to make at home for your next Among Us birthday bash. Use our free printable template and follow the easy instructions below.



  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Liquid Glue
  • Hot Glue


  1. Download the Free Among Us Party Piñata Template and print it out. You can resize the pattern if you want a bigger size piñata. Among Us Piñata Step 1 image
  2. Cut out the template pattern. Among Us Piñata Step 2 image
  3. Trace the Among Us character pattern onto your cardboard. Among Us Piñata Step 3 image
  4. Then flip the pattern and trace it onto another piece of cardboard. Among Us Piñata Step 4 image
  5. Cut out the two patterns using scissors or a craft knife. Among Us Piñata Step 5 image
  6. You also need to cut 1 1/2 inches strips of cardboard for the edges. You may need multiple strips depending on your cardboard size. Among Us Piñata Step 6 images
  7. Hot glue the strips around the edge of one pattern. Make sure to leave a portion at the top for the opening to fill with candy. Among Us Piñata Step 7 image
  8. Punch holes on each side of the pattern's edges. Then punch holes to the opening as well. This will serve as the lock when you close the piñata later on. Among Us Piñata Step 8 image
  9. Insert a string into the holes from both sides. You will use this string to hang the Among Us party piñata. Among Us Piñata Step 9 image
  10. Now hot glue the other pattern on top. Among Us Piñata Step 10 image
  11. Cut strips of crepe paper and cut multiple slits on it. Among Us Piñata Step 11 image
  12. Glue the crepe paper onto the cardboard, covering the whole piece. Among Us Piñata Step 12 image
  13. Cut out the oblong shape or the face-hole of the character from the template. Among Us Piñata Step 13 image
  14. Trace the shape onto your colored paper. Among Us Piñata Step 14 image
  15. Cut it out and glue it on top of the piñata where the face-hole is located. Among Us Piñata Step 15 image
  16. Now go back to your printed Among Us pattern and cut out the black linings. You can also cut out a smaller oblong shape using the scrap white part of the pattern. Among Us Piñata Step 16 image
  17. Glue the black lining on top of the piñata and the oblong shape on top of the face-hole. Among Us Piñata Step 17 image
  18. Now it's time to fill in the piñata with some treats! Then use a string and insert it into the holes to lock this opening. Among Us Piñata Step 18 image
  19. Your Among Us character piñata is now done! Hang it and let the kids try to hit the piñata with a wooden stick! Among Us Piñata Step 19 image

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I hope this tutorial helped you in planning your little crewmate’s birthday party! Happy crafting.

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