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DIY Robot Favor Box

Robot Favor Box

As promised, we are back with another Robot party themed post. As I mentioned in the recent Free Robot Birthday Invitation post, I am currently helping out a mum who’s planning to throw a Robot themed party for her little boy. I’m sharing all of the robot printables so you can use them for your event too. With the party invitations ready to go, it’s time to create some super cool robot party favors.

Robot Party Favor Boxes

Today, let me share to you this rectangular Robot favor box that will surely add a cute touch to a Robot themed party! Ready your card stock and printer and let us start with our Robot DIY project in 3… 2… 1!

Robot Favor Box Supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Printed Robot Favor Box Template (best printed on card stock with 200 GSM and above). You can download the template from our Freebies Library.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Robot Party Favor – Step by Step Instructions

1. Download and print the template.

Robot Favor Box Step 1

2. Cut out the template.

Robot Favor Box Step 2

3. Fold the solid lines seen on the template. You can use a ruler to create a perfect crease.

Robot Favor Box Step 3

4. Glue the flap on the side part of the template.

Robot Favor Box Step 4

5. Go to the bottom part of the box and fold the two side flaps inward. Then fold the cover flap to close down the bottom. You can either glue it to secure or just leave it as it is as long as the small flap has been inserted securely.

Robot Favor Box Step 5

6. Now go to the side part of the box and glue one of the cut-out Robot hand on top of the yellow circle. It’s up to you how you will position you Robot hand.

Robot Favor Box Step 6

7. Now glue the other cut-out Robot hand on the other side. Your Robot favor box is looking good now!

Robot Favor Box Step 7

8. It’s time to put some treats inside the favor box. Then fold the cover flap to close the Robot box.

Robot Favor Box Step 8

And you are done with your Robot favor box! You can resize the template if you wish to make bigger or smaller ones by adjusting the document size before you print.

Robot Favor Box Finished Photo

Robot Favor Ideas

If you are looking for some ideas for some cute things to fill the boxes with. here are a couple of my recommendations:

This finger robots puppets from Amazon would be perfect for any robot fan.

RETROBOTS Robots 1.5 Inch Size Party Favors Lot of 10 Figures

Robot Crayons from Outside the Crayon Box

These cute Robot Crayon from Outside the Crayon Box would be super cute for younger kids.

More Robot Party Fun

Make sure to drop by on our blog over the coming days to catch our other Robot themed party freebies. If you want us to cover more themed party ideas, do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Please share this post via social media and help us grow Party with Unicorns. This will enable us to keep making these fun freebies for you! Happy crafting!

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