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Robot Coloring pages

Robot Coloring Pages

Today’s post comes courtesy of my son who saw last week’s mask post and wanted to color his own. So to make his aspiration a realization I have turned those robot masks into some Robot coloring pages. Once your child’s design is complete, simply cut out and attached a string and presto you have your very own child robot. (Note – these masks do not result in any android like behave like following instructions).

To download the coloring pages, just head over to the Freebie library. In the library, you will find over 75 free printables with more being added every day!

Robot Party Ideas

If you are planning a robot birthday party or have a child that is a fan of androids and you are looking for some fun ideas, then check out some of our other robot-themed posts. Lots of free printables and craft ideas to keep your budding engineer entertained or to simplify your party planning. Here is a list of some of our most popular posts:

Robot Party Printables Featured Image

Free Robot Party Printables. Lots of free loot here to use at your next party. The free bunting also looks great in a child’s room!

Robot Party Ideas Featured Image

Get all of your robot birthday party ideas in one place. This post is a round up of my favorite themed party ideas.

Robot Mask Featured Image

If you are looking for a
mask template check out this post with the color version of today’s robot coloring pages. These masks are super cute and great for a kids party.

Robot Favor Box Featured Image

Make your own Robot Favor boxes. These printable templates are great as a take home from a child’s party or as an afternoon. You could even cut of the top and use them as a popcorn container!

Tell us about your next event

Do you have a kid’s party coming up? Today’s post was inspired by a mum got in touch via the Party with Unicorns Facebook page. I find it to be a great honor to create things for our readers. Firstly, because it means we have readers and secondly because I’m a mum that knows the stress of planning a child’s party. So, if you have an upcoming event and need some printables or ideas to bring it all together, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you via the comments section below or via Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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