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Wild One Party Printables



If you have are planning a first birthday party, then chance are you have had a bit of a wild year! An entire year of firsts for you and your little one. The first day, the first month, the first rollover, the first stand up, the first crawl and maybe even the first steps!

All of these firsts can be very tiring! Especially if you are doing them all on fumes because your little girl or boy has still not had their first sleep through the night! Don’t worry, they will get there eventually!

After all of these firsts, its time to celebrate! There is no better way to mark this great occasion than with a “Wild One” party. Today I am posting some Printables to help you start your planning.

Here is what is included in the Wild One Party Printables set:

Wild One Invitations
Wild One Birthday Banner
Wild One Cupcake Wrappers
Wild One Cupcake Toppers
Wild One Chocolate Bar Wrappers
While One Napkin or Waterbottle Wrappers

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