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Playing Super Mario on the original Nintendo with my siblings is something I remember like it was yesterday. In fact, it was not yesterday, it was a very long time ago. Amazingly, Super Mario is still a fan favorite and a great kids Birthday Party theme. Today I’m posting 20 of my favorite Super Mario Party Ideas and some free Super Mario Party Printables.

What is Super Mario?

In case you are a parent that did not grow up playing Mario, here is a quick history lesson. Super Mario was a character created for Nintendo in the early 1980s. Since then Mario, his friend Luigi and his gang of friends have been featured in over 200 different video games.

What Make Super Mario a Great Party Theme?

There have been so many iterations of Super Mario over the years that it is a theme that can work across age-groups for girls and boys. Mario has a regular crew of friends there is usually at least one character that a child will like. Bowser, Yoshi or the Princess, there is lots to work with.

Also because of the different Mario games on the market, you can take some liberties and tie different videogames into your activities. From Mario Cart to Dr. Mario, he has pretty much done it all!

Free Super Mario Party Supplies

Included in the list of Super Mario Party ideas below are some free printables that I have created for you. These include some free Super Mario Bros Party Invitations, Free Super Mario Party Printables and a free Nintendo Favor Box. ‘

All of the freebies below are available for download in the Freebie Library. From the freebie library, you will get access to over 150 different printables and craft templates.

Free Super Mario Invitations

Free Super Mario Party Invitations

The Party Invitations include two templates. The first template is a blank template that you can customize with your text on the computer. The second is a template that you can print out and handwrite your details onto

Free Super Mario Party Printables

Free Super Mario Party Printables

The Super Mario party printables set includes:

  • Birthday Banner
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Napkin Holders
  • Thank-you cards

Once you download the set, all you have to is print, cut out and you are ready to go! Super simple and a great way to have a themed party without the added expense.

Free Nintendo Favor Box

nintendo Favor Box

If you are looking for a fun favor to send your guests home with, download this free Nintendo Gameboy Favor box. The post includes easy to follow instructions, so this is a super simple craft. It is also a great way to get the kids involved in your Super Mario birthday planning.

Super Mario Bros Party Ideas with Party Printables

A list of ideas of everything you need to host an amazing Super Mario Party. From Super Mario Invitations, printables, decorations, games and favors. We have you covered.


Free Super Mario Bros Party Invitation

Start your party planning by inviting friends on the day of your child's party. Send a Super Mario Bros inspired invitation to them. I created this Free Super Mario Bros Party Invitation for everyone to use. Feel free to customize the template with your own wording and details.

Download Now

Super Mario Bros Party Printables

Photo Credit: Party With Unicorns

Decorate your place and food with another freebie I created. This match with the Super Mario Bros party invitation. The printables include Mario party banner, cupcake topper, cupcake wrapper, soda/bottle wrapper, and thank you cards!

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Super Mario Bros Visor Cap

Photo Credit: Elo7

You can forget about the regular party hats and opt for this cute Super Mario Bros visor caps! Let the kids choose what character they want to be during the party.

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Super Mario Star Balloon

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another fun and easy way to decorate your place for a Super Mario Bros themed party is to purchase star foil balloons and add some eyes to make it look like the famous Super Star in Super Mario Bros game.

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Autry

These DIY blocks are a cute way to decorate your party. You can also make blocks with questions marks, like in the Super Mario video games.

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Printable Super Mario Photo Booth Props

Photo Credit:

These cute Mario photo props are perfect for snapping some Instagram worthy pics of the party.

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Super Mario Party Table Set-up

Photo Credit: Catch My Party

For your party table set up, you can get inspiration from this perfectly organized Super Mario party table set up. Mix and match the colors blue, red, yellow, and green to fill in the table with Super Mario vibes.

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Super Mario Cake 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Here's a super cute cake inspiration for your Super Mario Bros themed cake! You can bake your own cake at home and let the kids join you in decorating it.

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Super Mario Figures

Photo Credit:

If you are not a baker, you can also get a plain cake and add plastic Mario figures to decorate. This set is available on Amazon.

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Mario Mushroom Power Cupcakes

Photo Credit:
These super-simple cupcakes are perfect for anyone looking for an easy to do dessert option. You can even use the free cupcake
wrappers from this list!

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Super Mario Bros Cookies

Photo Credit: DIY Gifts Birthday

For your party food, bake some cookies and decorate it with Super Mario Bros characters. They will look super cute on the buffet table and kids will love them!

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Star Power Sandwich

Photo Credit: Sweethaute

Another Super Mario party food idea is this Star Power Sandwich. Make sandwiches, use a star-shaped cookie cutter, and add eyes!

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Mushroom/Toad Pops

Photo Credit: Catch My Party

An easy food idea to prepare for Super Mario Bros party is this marshmallow pops. It's very easy to prepare. All you need is marshmallow dipped with red-colored chocolate to create the mushroom/toad characters in Super Mario game.

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Goomba Muffins

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another party food idea inspired by a character in Super Mario game is these Goomba muffins. These grumpy looking sentient mushrooms are one of the famous enemies of the Super Mario game.

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Mario Chocolate Mustache

Photo Credit: HWTM

Mario and Luigi are known for their iconic mustaches too. Don't forget to add some Mario/Luigi Chocolate Mustache in your party foods.

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Mushroom Cupcake

Photo Credit: Down Redbud Drive

You can also prepare a simple cupcake with red frosting and white chocolate chip on top to make a mushroom inspired cupcake.

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Fire Power Flower Salad

Photo Credit: Sweethaute

If you're vegan or want to serve something healthy for the kids, you can make this Fire Power Flower Salad at your Super Mario Bros themed party.

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Mario Party Game: Punch-the-Coin-Block Game

Photo Credit: Jenny on the Blog

For the party activities, you can prepare a punch-the-coin-block game for the kids. Make the famous "? Block" using a small box and fill it in with treats like chocolate gold coins. The kids will be excited punching the block as rewards will fall down.

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Pin-the-mustache on Mario Game

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another fun Super Mario themed party activity is this pin-the-mustache game for kids. The kid who pinned Mario's mustache on the part where it belongs (or the nearest) wins!

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Nintendo Game Boy Favor Box

Photo Credit: Party With Unicorns

For the party favor box, you can use our free Nintendo Game Boy Favor Box template to create this cute favor box. Fill it in with treats or Super Mario Bros mini toys.

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There you have it, 20 amazing Mario Party ideas. Leave a comment below if you have any other fun Mario idea that we should check out. If you plan on using our free printables, be sure to let me know if you have any issues.

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