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A list of great Beyblade party ideas

Never give up! Never give in! We gotta fight for what we believe in! Put to the test! Together we’ll win! This is the Beyblade Burst Evolution! Our Beyblade party planning is continuing today with a list of essentials Beyblade party ideas. 

To start with, we are going to have some blatant self-promotion of the new Beyblade printables that we have posted; then we will look at what else is out there on the world wide web.

1. Beyblade Party Invitation

Beyblade Invitations

The first thing a themed party needs is a Beyblade inspired party invitations. You can download our free Beyblade Party Invitation to get your party off to a free start! We have two design options, one with white boxes that you can write or edit to put on your party details, and the other one is a clean design where you can put your very own invitation wording if you want to. 

2. Beyblade Party Buntings

Beyblade Buntings

After downloading your free invitations, you can hop on over to our second Bey post to download some free Beyblade party bunting. You can print this bunting on your home printer. Whether you hang it on the wall or attached on the dessert table, bunting gives any space a party feel. Below are some party photos you can get inspiration on where to place your party buntings.

Party Buntings Sample
Photos from (L) Deavita and (R) Sendit

3. Beyblade Color Inspired Guest Table Set-up

Beyblade Guest Table Set-up
Photos from Scrapmumuche

These cute Bey serviettes are a simple way to bring your theme to any meal. I always tend to want to go a bit overboard with my party themes, so I think that this simple idea that won’t break the bank and keeps everything things looking great.  

4. Beyblade Center Piece

Beyblade Table Centerpiece
Photos from Pinterest

If you want to add more decorations to your guest table, then you can add some table centerpiece. These centerpiece ideas are perfect for that! It looks cute and easy to make. All you need are balloons, printed icons, some crepe papers, and box or buckets to use as a base. You can be creative in making your centerpiece. You can add table numbers if you are planning to throw a big party with a lot of tables, and you can also add names of your guests on the centerpiece. The above photos are from Pinterest, but unfortunately, there is no longer a link to the original story so I cannot credit the masterminds behind these creations. 

5. Beyblade Cake

Beyblade Cake
Photos from Cake Central

A birthday celebration will not be complete without a birthday cake! A themed cake is always a fun addition to any event. You can get inspirations from this Bey cake designs from Cake Central.

Alternatively, you could buy a ready-made Bey fondant topper from Etsy and stick it on top of a homemade or grocery store bought a cake. This is a great way to save some money and still have a professional looking cake. 

Beyblade Fondant Cake Topper

5. Beyblade Cupcake

Beyblade Cupcakes
Photos from Pinterest

Another dessert you can add to your table is Bey Cupcakes. Cakes and cupcakes are like soulmates; this duo makes any birthday table looks fantastic. When you prepare Bey cupcakes, you can either choose an Editable Beyblade topper or a paper one. Whatever you want, they will both look great with the Beyblade theme. 

6. Beyblade Cookies

Beyblade Cookies
Photo from Sweet Sanctions LLC

These Beyblade cookies are just too cute not to add on your food list. If you are crafty around the kitchen, you can make your Beyblade cookies, or you can outsource and buy some on Etsy. These super cute Beyblade cookies and would be a great take home favor too! 

7. Beyblade Drinks

Beyblade Soda Drink
Photo from Catch My Party

So much for food, it’s time to talk about party drinks! This cute Beyblade soda drink idea is a fun way to customize your drinks. If you are trying to maintain a handle on the sugar and soda is off the menu for your guests, then use water! 

8. Beyblade Game Tournament

Beyblade Game Tournament
Photo from Catch My Party

For entertainment, why not invite your guests to bring their Beyblades and host a “Beyblade Game Tournament”? Let’s be honest, most kids coming to a Beyblade party, just want to play with Beys, so lets not over think this. Sometimes be best events, are also the simplest ones! You could even consider purchase a Beyblade or two to serve as the prize for the Tournament Champion. (If you are confident that it will not end in too many tears for those that do not win!)

9. Beyblade Party Treat Box

Beyblade Party Box Finished Photo 1

When the game is over, and it’s time to give your guests extra treats to bring at home, you can download and print our Free Beyblade Party Treat Box to use for your party and put your yummy treats inside. It’s a cute and unique party favor.  You can even spin it like a real bey if you want!

Within the treat box post, you can also find a template for kids to design their own Beyblade top for the box. So depending on the age of your guests, you could set this up as a party activity in-between all of the battling.

10. Beyblade Party Thank You Card

Beyblade Thank You Card

I know that printed thank you cards can be a bit old school, but I still love giving them and getting them. If you want your child to send a thank, you note to anyone after their party these Beyblade Thank You Cards are free to download. Lots of white space included so you can customize to fit your needs. 

Beyblade Party Ideas Round Up

So that’s it, my complete list of Beyblade Party Ideas. I hope this list will give you lots of great ideas to start planning your party.

If you are planning a party soon and need some help pulling together some ideas or crafts, don’t forget to leave a comment! Its always so much fun working on parties together! 

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  1. Each top in the Beyblade Metal Fusion series contains a symbol that represents the ‘powers’ and ‘strengths’ that the beyblade has in the game.

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