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Art Party Favor Box

Art Party Favor Box – Free Printable

Hello, everyone! Back today with some more art-themed goodness. Today I am posting a free Art Party Favor Box, which you can customize for your child’s event! How cool is that? Simply add text to the template to customize for your child’s event or alternatively, you can add each guest’s name to the box to […] Read more…

Art Party Invitations

Art Party Invitation – Get Your Free Printable

Today we are kicking off our new theme with super cute art party invitation templates. What makes an art party such a great party theme is that it lends itself to lots of activities and hands-on fun. From painting to drawing, to pottery spinning and sculpting the possibility for a fun and engaging art party are endless. While not a dedicated “art” celebration, this week’s was […] Read more…

pirate Coloring pages

Pirate Coloring Pages – Free Download

Aye Aye, Treasure! That’s exactly what’s today’s pirate coloring pages are like on a rainy afternoon. If you want a creative way to keep the kids entertained, why don’t you print off our DIY Pirate Hat and these coloring pages, grabs some colored pencils and let them get creative? Talk like a Pirate Okay Me […] Read more…

A list of Pirate Party Ideas

15 Fun Pirate Party Ideas For Kids

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Before I officially end my mini pirate series of crafts and printables, I curated some Pirate Party ideas to help get you inspired. Pirates is a great theme that you can do a lot with. From eye patches, sashes, swords to treasure hunts and walking the plank. Lots of great DIY activities […] Read more…

Lion King Party Food Ideas

With the new Lion King movie currently in theatres, it has become one of the most popular birthday party themes this year for kids. Everywhere you look there is Simba, Scar, Mufasa, Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa. For example, in Australia, one of the local supermarkets is giving away a small Lion King toy with every […] Read more…

Bluey Party Ideas

Bluey Party Ideas

My kids LOVE the ABC show Bluey. Ever since the shows debuted it has been a staple in our house. To be honest, I think I might like it as much as the kids. It is amazing to have girl characters in Bingo and Bluey there are not just all about Princesses. Girls that play […] Read more…

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